cult spaces

sacred spaces/cult spaces
installations with music, pictures, sculptures
for events, exhibitions, churches, hospitals, at home  ...

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in ancient times people went to cult sites, temples or to churches, searching for peace when they were in need or wanting to withdraw from everyday life. they prayed, celebrated rituals or listened to certain types of music. today we again require such sacred places. many peolpe turn to traditional religions, others explore foreign cults and yet others wish to create their own spiritual places.

traditionally priests, schamans, witches and other „chosen ones“were the ones in direct contact with god and godesses, hearing and interpreting divine wisdom and messages. i believe, that a new human being is developing, self-contained and self-empowered , who makes his own choices in harmony with cosmic principles, that she explores. these humans draw their strength and inspiration directly from the source without any adherence to a specific religion , without doctrines or intermediaries, yet striving for divine harmony and the well-being of all.

with this project i wish to meet these new needs. here, spaces are created for the sublime, for divine inspiration und creative solutions as well as for comfort. they are places of power, devised in a contemporary and yet timeless design, in which through art and music tradition is linked to modern technology, the archaic is combined with western culture, the multicultural with the multilingual. connected with the universal intelligence we find solutions and inspiration and discover cosmic principles that are important for us as individuals. my spaces unite heart, spirit and the soul, nature and culture, sensuousness and spirituality , tradition and modernity... peolpe are addressed as multi-faceted beings.

the art, that is presented in these mystical spaces was created in meditative states of conscoiusness, in connection with other spheres of creativity: in touch with the greater source. here, culture is about cult the way it used to be: culture as a gateway to altered states of consciousness and to the divine. the mystical atmosphere opens gates to other dimensions, to dreams and inner journeys...

content of the spaces
- elements of nature
- music
- art (pictures, sculptures, fotos...)
- elements of different cultures
- forms of prayer/mantras /mandalas...
- ritual acts and objects
- holy scriptures, texts
- elements of the great religions of the world
- manners of perception/ other states of consciousness
- meditations
- videos (existing film material yet to be cut)

basis for this project

my art
pictures (modern mandalas), fotos und sculptures; film material from my travels and encounters with other cultures: native american indians, india and nepal, celts in england and the bretagne, swaziland etc; documents of my life; new pictures with elements from nature etc.

innerpulse music
my musical roots and my cultural background is classical western music. my own creative journey began in visual arts, where i learned to express myself without any given structures, and lead me, via sculptures, back to music in my compositions.

in my music i combine the structures of male-made classical (or indian, pop...) music with the feeling of vitality of nature, the female energy. composition and improvisation combined. this happens especially through the pulse, the liefeline; each instrument has ist own pulse that connects to the overall pulse. phrases are not always in 8 or 16 bars, the way we know it from classical or pop/rock music. my music allows each voice/instrument a certain freedom. it is a natural feeling of aliveness as unpredictable as nature and life itself. flow and pulse everywhere , carried and held by underlying familiar structures. the sound of my music is a combination of classical and ethno with electronic means as an expression of our times.

as a teenager i experienced what is nowadays called altered states of consciousness, a kind of trance and extasy, in classical concerts, in the theatre, in films, i.e. in western cultural contexts,. to reach these altered states of consciousness without drugs has been my objective and still is my journey. my current insight ist that for this we need certain facors (in music the pulse, repeating harmonies etc; repetetive motives and colours in visual arts). repetition and structure as a basis for one’s own individual improvisation, inspiration and trance.

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