mysterious inner pulse

did you know that a healthy heart does not beat absolutely regularly ? strangely enough there are endless, chaotic fluctuations and variations in a healthy heartbeat. - quite unlike mecanical systems doctors have found that it is a sign of a problem when a heart beats too mechanically and regularly. every thing, being and phenomenon has a pulse, a vibration of its own. so do colours. in this music every sound, every instrument has its own pulse as in nature. the different inner pulses create a similar effect when we listen to them as does a walk in nature or a swim in the sea. just like when we listen to the murmur of water or birds’ songs we are transported into a state of focused relaxation and a sense of belonging, being part of the world and connected to our own inner self.
listening to the interaction of the combined pulses can make you feel your own pulse more, may have a calming, activating or harmonising effect.

a new kind of music

because not every beat in all the voices is totally synchronized, we hear this music polyphonically, i.e. we perceive every voice on its own and in relation to the others. the result is an active and focusing kind of listening:

the inidividual inner pulse of every instrument finds its way again and again back through tension and disharmonies to the overall pulse.

phrases are not in 8 or 16 measures - the way we know it from pop, rock or classical music. they do not start on the same part of the beat either.

it is a natural feeling of aliveness, as unpredictable as life itself and nature. flow and pulse everywhere.

information about my cd and samples can be found here.
information about my cd and samples can be found here.
information about my cd and samples can be found here.
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