heart pulses cd cover

on the right side you find 30 sec. samples of my CD heart pulses

just click on the name to download the file.

all samples are saved in stereo with 64 kbps.

in the calm open space of this music the heart can expand and open up _ in this wide open space i feel connected to all that is_ there is no separation _ all is one within me_

the relentlessly regular beat reiminds us of shamanistic trance journeys _ carried by the beat of the drum, i travel in inner worlds to my strength and to my helpers _ i allow myself to to be guided and to let go, the drum carries me further and further and holds me secure _

the gently rocking rhythm is much like that of a mother rocking her child to sleep _ enveloped by voices we delve into a dark cave, a crystal cave _ in the darkness of this cave, womb of the earth, i discover my crystals, I discover that which radiates within me and from me into the world _ i let my light shine, secure and held

in the cave i hear water, the water of my feelings and intuition _ these are so soft and gentle, that i stop to listen _ otherwise i could overhear them _ my inner voice and my feelings are glowing signs in the dark _ i feel love for my own tenderness and softness

pain becomes music, my music _ i can discover so much strength here_ it leads me to realms, that i have never known, and that no other has ever penetrated_ i conquer this new territory and this powerful energy_

the clouds have unloaded and the sun is coming out _ it warms my heart and my soul with joy_ intensive, immediate joy radiates from my heart into the world and from there back to me_ i am deeply fulfilled and grateful for the rays of the sun _

i have felt and experienced many facets of my heart _ that has brought my heart peace_ the depth of pain and the lightness of expansion, the power of endurance, warmth and joy, the sound of my inner voice _they all combine to the richness of my heart, that beats reconciled_ it has experienced much, it has let go and has forgiven _ what wonderful energy_

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