composition, performance and installation fotos and artwork

tessa ingrid richter


samples are available here

"frauentöne, aspects of sarasvati, goddess of art, music, wisdom and science" and "a tribute to 7 women composers"

7 women composers

hildegard von bingen (1098-1179)_
maria theresia von paradis (1759-1824)_
maria agatha szymanowska (1789-1831)_ 
fanny cäcilia hensel-mendelssohn (1805-1847)_
clara wieck.- schumann (1819-1896)_
luise adolpha le beau (1850-1927)_
teresa carreno (1853-1917)


sarasvati is mentioned both in vedic and puranic literature _ she most probably started her career as a vedic river goddess _ the river  sarasvati dried up around 1900 b_c_  beforethat  it is assumed to have been one of the large rivers between sindhu and ganges, on whose banks were situated the centres of the developing arian culture_ here, the early vedic gods were created, priests were trained and wisdom gathered, and it was here that the arian language developed _ thus sarasvatihad become the keeper of the emerging culture_ as a result sarasvati became the goddess of learning, wisdom, of communication and of the arts_ in the puranas (much later,) sarasvati becomes the wife of brahma, whose role in the trimurti, the hindu trinity, is creation (brahma is represented as being male - not to be confused with the impersonal, formless brahman)_ as his wife she is now the mother of the entire universe_

music and art by women
              aspects of the goddess
                           carried by the wind into the world

a new kind of music
each „instrument“, i.e. voice, has ist own pulse _ this pulse is horizontally logical in itself, but vertically
not absolutely synchronistic  on every beat with all the other voices _  the pulses do, however, always find their way back to the overall pulse _
phrases are not always in 8 or 16 measures, the way we know it from classical, pop and rock music musik_ 
this creates a natural feeling of aliveness, as unpredictable as nature and life itself _
flow and pulse evereywhere_

design neon