1 completing the picture  |  2 the pulse of things  |  3 script - sign - harmonics  |  4 hearing colours |
5 round canvases  |  6 oil/acrylic paint  |  7 oil  | 8 gouache  

gouache - tusche - paper

i did these paintings following my trips to the north american indians and to india and nepal. using meditative music i entered a different state of consciousness. it usually began with the simple idea of a shape, which was then varied and changed throughout the picture.
you can see the paintings in different ways. either in a decorative manner two-dimensionally, such as in indian patterns on an object of everyday use. or look at them in a special manner and they become three-dimensional, even multi-dimensional. for this, take a step back, let your eyes become unfocused while looking at the entire picture. the figures now begin to „jump“ and unfold other dimensions.

* the framed paintings are all painted on paper. they can be purchased with or without frame. prices upon request.
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tanz des scarabäus
59 x 77 cm
tanz des scarabäus mandala
80 x 80 cm
mandala seltene vögel
48 x 62 cm
seltene vögel  
66 x 79,5 cm
zusammen drachen
34 x 32 cm
drachen auf dem meer
37,5 x 52 cm
auf dem meer  
traum eines arabischen dorfes
35 x 50 cm
traum eines arabischen dorfes entwickelung
40,5 x 48,5 cm
entwickelung schuhphantasie
26 x 34,5 cm
design neon