1 completing the picture  |  2 the pulse of things  |  3 script - sign - harmonics  |  4 hearing colours |
5 round canvases  |  6 oil/acrylic paint  |  7 oil  | 8 gouache  

oil - paper - canvas (mounted)

in my oil paintings the clear contours of the gouache paintings start to dissolve. the transitions between colours are more flowing, softer. what remains are the bright contrasting colours that are now connected in a different manner. they „wander“ through the picture. when looking at them, the eye automatically makes the connection thus creating a unity in spite of contrasts.

* the framed paintings are all painted on paper/carton. they can be purchased with or without frame. prices upon request.
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tiefe des weiblichen
50 x50 cm
tiefe des weiblichen spiel von sonne, erde und ozean
42 x 56 cm
spiel von sonne, erde und ozean durchdringen
50 x 60,5 cm
69 x 79 cm
augenlieder energie
42 x 56 cm
energie sonnentropfen auf pflanzenmeer
42 x 56 cm
2300.- sFr
sonnentropfen auf pflanzenmeer  
eurhythmischer tanz
48 x 61 cm
eurhythmischer tanz erwachen der vögel der nacht
67,5 x 81,5 cm
erwachen der vögel der nacht fruchtbarkeitsspiel (karton)
64 x 78,5 cm
1400.- sFr
design neon