1 completing the picture  |  2 the pulse of things  | 3 script - sign - harmonics  | 4 hearing colours |
5 round canvases  |  6 oil/acrylic paint  |  7 oil  | 8 gouache  

"the pulse of things": acrylic paint - photos - wood, rind etc.

in this cycle i explore how everywhere in nature faces, figures and shapes reveal themselves. the inner pulse, perhaps even the "spirit" of a tree, a spot of snow etc. manifest in an image. the pictures you see in my paintings actually appear this way in nature. all i do is photograph them and set them into a context, i.e. i allow them to expand into their surroundings by painting a "continuation", or i tear up photos and complete the gaps. in the case of "the woman in the tree" i actually found all the parts of the body individually and put them together this way.
couple in a tree
152 x 18,5 cm
technique: acrylic paint and photos on tree trunk 2800.- sFr.
paar im baum heart-angel-dog
89,5 x 32 cm
technique: photos and acrylic paint on canvas
1800.- sFr.
paar im baum treewoman
59,5 x 20 cm
technique: photos and acrylic paint on rind
2100.- sFr.
paar im baum  
design neon