my paintings are also available as prints (original size): simple posters, printed on canvas and mounted
on a stretcher frame, or mounted on a pvc panel and laminated.
prices vary according to material and size. please contact me for further information. 

the pictures are for sale and can also be rented and leased. they can be viewed at my studio in richterswil.

1 "completing the picture": earth - acrylic paint - photos - canvas - bamboo
2 "the pulse of things": acrylic paint - photos - wood, rind etc.
3 "script - sign - harmonics": elements from nature - canvas - bamboo
4 "hearing colours": round chipboard - elements from nature – acrylic paint
5 round canvases (mounted on round frames) - acrylic paint
6 oil/acrylic paint – collage –acrylic paint– square canvas (mounted)
7 oil – paper – canvas (mounted)
8 gouache – tusche - paper


my sculptures can also be purchased as casts. prices upon request. socles available for stone sculptures (not fixed).

1 stone
2 charcoal


design neon